ARC90 Explained


We use ARC90 service from GlobalCheck for our alternative to financing.

This is a third party service and it is here for your convenience.

ARC 90 is a payment plan that gives you the product today and up to twelve months to pay for it. This is not an embarrassing rent to own or a lease. We don't ask for your SSN and your credit rating with the 3 major bureaus is not part of the decision process unless there is a default. Our proprietary system examines your recent financial history. We feel this is more accurate for determining ability to re pay a short term obligation. Your income level does matter but even a full time minimum wage earner can qualify.

The requirements are earnings equal to full time minimum wage or better. There can be no recent NSF activity on your bank statement. You need a standard checking account with a reasonable balance. Savings accounts or debit card only accounts won't be accepted. An unexpired state issued ID or standard driver license is also required.

The cost? Global Check charges $35.00 when you make a purchase at a retail store, not before. The store may charge a plan fee of about 15% which is disclosed at the time of sale. Your first payment on an annual sale will be about 25%. After that the payments are much lower and decline over time. Prior to each payment coming due we'll send you an e-mail listing the amount plus the option to pay it off without having to jump through any hoops.

Example using an annual term sale paid in bi-weekly payments:

Cash PriceDown PaymentRemaining PaymentsPrice Paid
ARC90$1000.00$322.50 *$39 Declines to $32$1185.00
Lease$1000.00$310.00 **$63.75$1840.00

* Includes $35.00 arc fee and 25% of total ($1150.00)
** Includes $40.00 fee and 15% of total ($1800.00)

How does this stack up against a lease or rent to own? Most leases have an effective cost of 80% or more above the cash price. More often than not they won't disclose it and refuse to call it what it is. Add up the payments for the full term. That's the bottom line. With ours it will be the cost of the item plus $35.00 and the 15% charged by the store if it's for an annual term. Shorter terms are less, down to 9%. In a lease it will be cost plus $40 or more and at least 80%. That assumes you get to keep the item without getting hit again with a 'buy out' fee.

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